Breed:Belgian Bearded d’Anvers
Description:Developed in Belgium, the d’Anver is very small and nicely marked in many different varieties.
Varieties:Quail and Blue Quail

Description:Developed in Japan these birds are beautiful and unusual with their very short legs; they do not require much space.
Varieties:White, Black, Mottled, Black Tailed White and Black Tailed Buff.

Description:Developed in Britain these bantams are eye catching with their attractive lacing feather pattern.
Varieties:Buff, Silver and Golden

Description:Developed in England the Cornish are a stocky bird, they are tame and easy going.
Varieties:White, Dark and White Laced Red

Breed:Modern Game
Description:The Modern game originates from England, it is a tall elegant breed kept mainly for exhibition.
Varieties:Red Pyle, Birchon, Black, Lemon Blue, Blue and Silver Blue

Breed:Old English Game
Description:Developed in England the Old English Game is hardy and athletic and comes in a variety of nice colors.
Varieties:Black Breasted Red, Silver Duckwing, Golden Duckwing, Red Pyle, Silver Blue, Self Blue, Blue, Blue Quail, Lemon Blue, Black, Buff, Crele, Chocolate, Wheaten, Fawn Silver, Black Tailed Buff

Description:This breed originates in Britain, the Rosecomb’s nice form and feathering makes it popular for showing and for an attractive addition to the backyard flock.
Varieties:Blue and Black

Breed:Barred Plymouth Rock Bantam
Description:Developed in England, the Barred Rock bantam is very popular. Like its larger counterpart, this bantam is a good layer.

Breed:Buff Orpington
Description:Developed in England the Buff Orpington bantam is active, docile and striking in its buff plumage.

Breed:Rhode Island Red
Description:Developed in the US, this bantam is attractive with its dark red feathering; the hens are good layers.

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