Description:Brahma bantams are nicely colored docile birds; the Brahma hen makes a good broody; this breed can withstand cold temperatures quite well.
Varieties:Buff, Dark and Light

Description:Developed in China, Cochins are friendly, cute, and popular as show birds and the hens make good mothers.
Varieties:Barred, Black, Blue, Buff, Golden Laced, Mottled, Red, Silver Laced, White, Black Frizzle, Red Frizzle and White Frizzle.

Description:Silkies originate from the Orient. These birds are unique with feathering that looks more like fur, they are friendly and the Silkie hen makes an excellent broody.
Varieties:Black, Blue, Buff, Grey, Partridge, Red and White

Description:The Sultan bantam was developed in the U.S. This bird has a crest, beard, muff, feathering on its legs and toes, vulture hocks, five toes and completely white plumage.

Breed:Belgian Bearded d’Uccle
Description:Developed in Belgium the d’Uccle is a truly beautiful bantam that actually improves in looks after its first year.
Varieties:Mille Fleur, Porcelain, Blue Mille Fleur, Self Blue and Golden Neck