Description:Developed in the US, this breed lays blue and green eggs and is friendly in nature.
Egg Colour:Variable, Greens, Blues, Browns

Description:Developed in Canada, the Chantecler is a beautiful dual-purpose breed that can withstand cold weather.
Varieties:White, Partridge and Buff
Egg Colour:Brown egg

Breed:Silver Gray Dorking
Description:A very old breed in the English Class of poultry, these birds are very beautiful when seen in real.
Egg Colour:White egg

Breed:Egyptian Fayoumi
Description:The Fayoumi is from Egypt; it is rare, fast maturing, very hardy and a good free ranger.
Egg Colour:Tinted egg

Breed:Silver Spangled Spitzhauben
Description:This breed was developed in Switzerland and is kept mainly for its uniqueness; they have a pointed crest, which bends forward.
Egg Colour:White egg

Breed:Sicilian Buttercup
Description:This breed originates from Italy and is very unique looking with its cup shaped comb; it is also a good layer.
Egg Colour:White egg

Breed:Indian Red Jungle Fowl
Description:The Jungle fowl is a wild chicken that comes from Asia; it is believed that all modern day breeds are derived from this bird.
Egg Colour:Tinted egg

Description:The Phoenix breed was developed in Japan; they are primarily kept for show and exhibition due to their unusually long and beautiful tail feathers.
Varieties:Gold and Silver
Egg Colour:White egg

Breed:Dark Aseel
Description:Aseels were developed in India; they are very strong and aggressive chickens.
Egg Colour:Brown egg

Description:Barnevelders originate from Holland and are sought after for the very dark brown eggs they lay.
Egg Colour:Dark Brown

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